Full Service Brooklyn Luxury Apartment Building


The present wave of urban renewal in Bushwick gives us not only the opportunity but the responsibility to adjust old modes of living to our current ways of life. Denizen is an innovative offering that creates a strong sense of community while providing the kind of housing forms and lifestyle we all dream of. A true luxury apartment building in Bushwick Brooklyn.

-Eran Chen AIA, Principal Architect ODA

Convenient and Refined

At nearly an acre and a half in size, and part of the Rheingold Brewery redevelopment project in Bushwick, the Denizen BSHWK is an impressive Brooklyn luxury rental building. From its locally sourced art-infused corridors to the melding of public and private spaces throughout the building, the structure is said to have been inspired by a European village. Like a well-designed street, circulation areas are bright, interesting, and inviting.


Bushwick has a strong tradition of street art. Artists are seemingly drawn to the gritty tone of the area. With a stunning array of local, national and international talent, Bushwick has been transformed from an industrial neighborhood into a creative hub filled with pride and color. Denizen Bushwick builds on the neighborhood's spectacular street art scene and its strong sense of community.

Through the creation of OPEN, ODA’s Public Engagement in Neighborhoods, and in a partnership with The Bushwick Collective, an organization that showcases the top street art in Bushwick, ODA collaborated with local charitable organizations to provide grants to local artists to create the art that can be seen throughout the complex. The artwork on each floor contributes to a larger, continuous and uplifting piece; several pieces span several floors. It's a must see!