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From the moment of entry, the Denizen in Bushwick Brooklyn provides a new kind of space. This complex embodies its neighborhood's authentic love of community, art, and expression and pairs it with a fresh constructive design and an unmatched and convenient amenities package.

Start the morning with some exercise at one of the gyms. In the afternoon, you can get some work done at one of the co-working spaces or conference rooms. After work, de-stress by the water fall and take in the calmness of the zen garden. In the evening, head over to the chef kitchen for something fresh, delicious, and perfectly paired with your own wine creation.

A day in DENIZEN is like no other.

Denizen Bushwick - Modern and Stylish luxury rentals in Brooklyn

THE BUILDING - Modern and Stylish

Bushwick Luxury Apartments Perfected

Standing eight stories tall, DENIZEN BSHWK is a 900 hundred unit rental community that extends far beyond the definition of an apartment complex. It is bisected by a 17,850 square foot public park, has been designed to be a hub for artists and culture.

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THE APARTMENTS - Inspired and Diverse

The interior aesthetics vary creating diverse spaces that have a sense of local and global style. Open spaces, beautiful sunny views and a sense of both calm and buzzing community are available and threaded throughout the apartments and floors.

There is a trifecta of varying designs that make each space feel bold and original. Some have light finishes and artistic details, some are contemporary and clean with sleek industrial and metallic surfaces and some have more classic dark wood finishes. All are beautiful, cool and stylish. Outdoor spaces are available on many.

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THE AMENITIES - Amazing and Unique

Enjoy working out, brewing your own beers, and so much more

The ground, first floors and roof provide an array of spaces curated for living, working, creating and playing. This is a life reimagined. There is an experience coordinator present to assist in utilizing all of the opportunities, resources and spaces available. You, your pet, your friends and your neighbors can feel comfortable taking care of business or having fun, or both.

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Bushwick Brooklyn

Named one of the Coolest Neighborhoods and for good reason

The community at Denizen will enrich the already vibrant culture of the surrounding neighborhood. Vogue didn'’'t name Bushwick the 7th coolest neighborhood in the world by accident. The art, the restaurants and the general eclecticism of the area has been a draw for locals and tourists alike. From honey bees to aerialists to michelin stars, Bushwick has evolved into a iconic place to live, work and play. It maintains it's raw unpolished vibe while also being home to michelin star restaurants, world renowned art and thriving community.

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